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Top 3 tips to save money on fuel.

Our top 3 tips you can try to save money on fuel in your new lease car!

3rd May 2022
Michael Seggie
Top 3 tips to save money on fuel.

Top 3 tips to save money on fuel

The rising price of fuel is a concern for a lot of us. Especially if we have to travel long distances
with our vehicle. Of course most people are trying to cut back where they can, be it on going
near to their vehicle or by using public transportation whenever possible. However, there are
other ways you can save fuel on your travels; such as driving less and being aware of your fuel
consumption and how speed can affect it. Here are some top tips to help you drive economically
and save money on fuel.

Eco Mode:

One of the best ways to save fuel is to drive in eco mode. Eco mode reduces the power of your
car. It also makes your engine more responsive and increases its fuel efficiency.

Avoid Harsh Braking:

Avoiding harsh braking is good for the overall car and will help save on fuel but sometimes you
have to brake hard and that’s ok. Some people driving on a heavier foot can feel like their
braking is harsher than someone who drives on a light foot. If you do need to brake harder than
usual, be sure you drive in a gear lower than your norm so you aren’t pressing down so hard on
the brakes. Also, avoid slamming your brakes as this can do some damage to your rotors. If you
drive a manual transmission car, you can also leave it in a higher gear as a way of slowing down
your vehicle without needing to press on the brakes as hard. It’s important to drive how you feel
comfortable, we are just suggesting an economical driving tip.

Remove Heavy Objects:

If you can, it is a good idea to not leave heavy objects in your car, whilst driving as the more
weight a vehicle has to carry, the more fuel the car is likely to consume. Obviously, if you are
using your vehicle for commercial purposes removing heavy objects from the vehicle will not be
an option, but for an everyday run around car, you will be able to drive around with no extra
baggage in your car.


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