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Car Leasing Made Simple: LeaseYourNewCar's Step By Step Guide

With's guide to the process of leasing a car, we ensure that you have clarity about the choices you are making and the full range of options that are available to you and your circumstances. We aim to make sure that the car lease approval process goes smoothly: with no unpleasant surprises. Find out how to lease a car or a van for personal use by following our 8 steps to make sure that you get the best value for your hard earned money.

Step 1

Decide on a vehicle and choose your finance option. If you’re unsure, simply call us and we can talk through your exact needs and requirements to provide information about the finance options that are available and suggest which vehicles which may be suitable for you.

Step 2

Quotation. We’ll send you a formal quotation tailor made to your specific requirements. We will alter and amend the quotation until it is right for you. 

Step 3

Finance Application. If you’re happy with the quotation and are ready to proceed, we’ll ask you to complete an application form and provide any additional information that the finance company may need for their car lease credit check process. We’ll submit this to the finance company and will let you know as soon as we receive a decision from them

Step 4

Vehicle Order. Once the finance has been approved, we’ll ask you to sign an order form for the vehicle. At that point we’ll give you an estimated delivery period.

Step 5

Document Completion. We’ll arrange for the finance documentation to be issued to you for review and signature. For some customers, including private individuals, there’s a 14 day colling off period from when you sign the finance agreement. We’ll also issue you with an invoice for our administration fee.

Step 6

Delivery. Once the vehicle arrives with the dealer and we are able to confirm that all the necessary paperwork is in place, we will arrange delivery to you. 

Step 7

During the Contract. If you have any questions during your contract, please call our friend Customer Care Team who will be able to assist you. 

Step 8

End of Contract. We’ll contact you in advance of the contract termination to see what your plans are regarding a new vehicle and we’ll advise you of the funder’s car lease return process. If your contract allows you to buy the vehicle we will brief you carefully on the funder's car lease buyout process.

Please note, this is purely an overview and not an exhaustive process list.

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